We have the experience, the right curriculum, the best leaders and instructors, great facilities and most of all–it’s fun.

Little Dragons:
Ages 3-6

Children at a young age can often be intimidated and nervous about trying something new. Karate is a great way to build a child’s self-confidence. It’s also a great way to channel their endless energy, and teach them self-discipline and self-control. The coordination, fine motor skills, and confidence that they learn also contribute greatly when they begin school. Our little dragon classes are a great way to set up your child(ren) for future success. Schedule your first class today!.

Junior Basic Program: Ages 7-13

Our junior program is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into martial arts, and teaches basic techniques and ideas to make our students the best that they can be. Our instructors realize that each child is different and has their own way of learning, and provide the very best instruction for them.

With a combination of self-defense as well as traditional martial arts, our students learn fine motor skills and techniques all while having a great time! Not to mention, they become stronger, faster, and more coordinated! Set up your first class today!

Adults & Teens:
Ages 13 & UP

Karate isn’t just for children- karate is for everyone. It provides benefits both physically and mentally. Whether your goal is to get in shape (or back in shape), to learn how to defend yourself, or to have fun with your family, karate can help. It helps build balance, coordination, and strength, and is also a great stress outlet. We encourage you to start your own martial arts journey today!.


Born almost 500 years ago among the African slaves of Brazil, Capoeira is a cultural phenomenon unique to Brazil. It is a unique martial arts experience, featuring kicks, sweeps, and acrobatics, but also music and dance. It is a great way to improve balance, flexibility, strength, and overall fitness! Check it out today!